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Advantages and Categories of Stainless Steel Waste Cans

The stainless steel garbage can is a kind of garbage can with a high utilization rate in the market. Because stainless steel can withstand the invasion of various corrosive substances, it can achieve good anti-rust function. But that doesn't mean it won't rust.

1. The stainless steel trash can is long-term rusted by other metals attached to it. It can be treated with neutral detergent, and then wiped clean with clean water and dry cloth.

2. Stainless steel trash can should be placed in a bad environment. It is necessary to do a good job of anti-rust. Soap water can be used to clean slightly rust.

3. When cleaning, workers will encounter garbage cans, and fingerprints and stains on hands will cause rust. A small amount of alcohol and acetone can be used.

Therefore, stainless steel trash can also need to do some simple maintenance work regularly, so that it can be used for a long time without being rusted.

There are many kinds of stainless steel trash cans

Stainless steel trash cans with different shapes and functions can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys as well as indoors, and the design principles of these trash cans are also different, so as to meet the actual specific needs.

(1) Fixed type

This stainless steel trash can is not easily moved, easy to manage, and is usually placed in less crowded areas. The structure consists of a garbage bin at the upper level and a fixed support base at the lower level. A durable, anti-theft function is good.

(2) Activity

Contrary to the stationary stainless steel trash can, it belongs to a movable trash can and is widely used in dense areas. Structurally, it is more common to use vertical type, which is flexible and can replace the position of stainless steel garbage can at any time.

(3) Dependency

Dependent stainless steel trash cans are usually lighter in weight and fixed on walls or columns. They are often used in places where crowds are dense but space is small.

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