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Stainless steel stanchion base and portable stanchions in airport

When you step into the airport to check in, the first thing you should see is portable stanchions and gallery stanchions. The tape is also printed with advertising slogans, laying out channels. Outdoor sign stanchions will directly take you to the check-in window of an airline, where it is like a guide bar.

When you go through the security check, you may find that the queuing railing seat here has been replaced by black retractable stanchions, that is, the upper and lower layers of isolation belt and printed with the words "security check". The reason for putting double layers here is to prevent children from shuttling from under the belt to another aisle while waiting in line for security checks, as well as to prevent passengers who want to jump the queue. White stanchions and black stanchion rope guards security like brave warriors.

After the security check to the waiting room process, it is not difficult to find everywhere queued railing seats and stair stanchion, then it may be red velvet ropes and stanchions, may be telescopic, but also may be advertising screen-like with stainless steel stanchion base are customized according to their own needs. In addition, at the boarding and disembarkation gates of each airline, there will be a single-layer telescopic queuing railing seat with an aviation logo. Gold stanchions with red ropes can remind passengers to see the aviation information they are taking, and it can also improve advertising efficiency. Dustbin classification is important for public situation.

Where to buy metal trash cans for airport

Max provides custom big printed trash cans for sale to meet your needs. We offer a variety of sorting bins, such as 2 compartment trash bin, which can classify airport garbage into recyclable trash and other rubbish. Customized services can print airport logo and other indicative text for ease of use and any publicity needed. Max can be the cheapest place to buy trash cans for you, custom logo trash cans provide you with maximum convenience.

Due to the large number of passengers coming from north and south of the airport, different living habits, and the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, most of our large trash cans for sale designs are at the top, and visual guidance signs for color separation classification are set up on the barrel body and the top to further improve the correct rate of passenger delivery. Cheap large trash cans can also provide a better environment for airports.

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