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Choices of Trash Dustbins and Their Materials

Ⅰ. How to choose a suitable trash dustbin?

With the strengthening of social awareness of environmental protection, the purchase of the outdoor eco-friendly trash dustbin is also increasing. Due to the particularity of the location of the trash dustbin, the manufacturers of the eco-friendly trash dustbin have strict requirements regarding the purchase of products.

Outdoor eco-friendly trash dustbin is mainly used in outdoor places such as streets, parks, communities, and schools required collecting the garbage. Due to the variability of outdoor weather and the randomness of other outdoor factors, we should choose suitable trash dustbin products from the following three aspects in the numerous garbage can product categories:

1. The durability of the eco-friendly trash dustbin: As a public facility for outdoor use, the trash dustbin placed on the road and in the community is easy to be damaged, and some bored people will even kick it on purpose. Therefore, the durability of the trash dustbin is very important.

The durability of the trash dustbin directly depends on its material. The better steel plates are high quality cold-rolled steel plates with better hardness and ductility than hot-rolled steel dustbins. What's more, the thickness of steel plates should be taken into consideration, preferably 1 mm or larger.

2. Anti-theft performance of the eco-friendly trash dustbin: Outdoor use of the trash dustbin will inevitably lead to anti-theft. For barrels using recycled materials, there must be mounting holes at the bottom of the barrel, and the barrel body can be fixed on the concrete floor with expansion screws to improve the anti-theft effect. In terms of materials, the fiberglass trash dustbin can replace steel plates, which can reduce the procurement budget and avoid outdoor theft.

3. Barrel body: The anti-corrosion performance of the eco-friendly trash dustbin is also very important. The outdoor trash dustbin can be greatly damaged due to wind, rain and sunlight, so the anti-corrosion performance of the trash dustbin is particularly important.

Ⅱ. Materials of the eco-friendly trash dustbin

There are many eco-friendly trash dustbins used in the park. The park garbage can should be designed under the aesthetic characteristics of the park, and according to the characteristics of the types of trash produced by tourists to meet the needs of cleaning trash dustbin.

The eco-friendly trash dustbin can be used in the park. There are many factors that need to be considered when designing it. It should meet the aesthetic characteristics of the park and adapt to the characteristics of tourists and the large amount of trash in the park to meet the needs of cleaning trash dustbin.

The specially designed trash dustbin is also a part of the park environment. It is a unique landscape that can beautify the park. The forms of eco-friendly trash dustbin can be divided into the independent and classified trash dustbin.

The processed materials can be divided into the plastic trash dustbin, stainless steel trash dustbin, ceramic trash dustbin, wooden trash dustbin with cover, cement trash dustbin and pulp trash dustbin, etc. Also, there is the trash dustbin without cover, trash dustbin with cover, foot pedal trash dustbin induction trash dustbin, etc.

The main material of the eco-friendly trash dustbin is processed from the composite board made of waste milk cartons. The main advantage is that it is recyclable, which can reduce waste to the environment.

There are colorful and various styles of trash dustbin materials that can add color to our lives. The anti-theft function is a kind of waste recycling, no theft value. Also, it has a long service life, and its high-density composite board has strong corrosion resistance.  

The eco-friendly trash dustbin is made of less polluting and energy-efficient materials. The main features are less material, good quality and long service life. The trash dustbin is suitable for public places such as parks, shopping malls, scenic spots, open plazas, etc.

Nowadays, there are various types of trash dustbins on the market. Users should take into account appearance, practicality and hygiene when choosing them since it received lots of trash every day, even viruses, molds and so on.

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