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Cigarette Ashfray for Airport

Airport waiting is always bored, if there are cigarettes, fingertips if accompanied, the guys can give a lighter, soot is the second half, let the cigarette circle flying endlessly.

The importance of airport trash can

Smoking is prohibited on the plane, why is there an ashtray at the entrance to the restroom of the plane? Because this is the rule of the FAA, in case someone evades the security check and brings cigarettes on the plane, there can be a safe place to put out cigarette butts. 

FAA stipulates that toilets must have "No smoking" or "No smoking in the toilet" placards on both sides of the entrance, and removable ashtrays at or near the entrance of each toilet. After all, airports and planes are crowded and accident-prone places, so fire prevention regulations are  very important in these places.

Standing cigarette ashtray in airport

The airport is a very important transportation hub, which provides great convenience for public travel and plays an indispensable role in the transportation network. The densely populated areas of the airport produce a lot of garbage every day. In order to create a comfortable atmosphere, free standing cigarette disposal bins are essential. 

The selection and purchase of airport trash bins require public bidding with high quality. Airport trash bins face tourists from all over the world, so they must be of good quality and look strong and heavy. In order to ensure the quality, if the plate is thick enough in the first board, it is necessary to ensure that the workers involved in the production have rich experience and skilled skills to make the finished airport trash can stronger. 

In addition, the airport trash can itself needs good quality and beautiful appearance, and the flow of people at the airport also includes the elderly, children, pregnant women and the disabled. Even if the airport dustbins are placed in corners or edges, we should avoid some dangers, avoid sharp corners, and choose rounded corners, corners or curved bins. Airport dustbins have to face others every day and keep them clean every day. therefore, it is very important to choose dustbins that are dirt-resistant and cleaning easily.

Features of airport dustbin

MAX provide cigarette ashtrays for sale to companies that want to set up smoking areas and smoking areas in the workplace. We supply all kinds of ashtrays. MAX ashtrays are classic and stylish, and which are very suitable for outdoor seating areas and other similar environments. 

You can use these ashtrays in the smoking area fence of the airport, and when the ashtray is full, you can dump it into larger bins, such as wheeled bins, along with other rubbish, so that everything can be dumped together. Cigarette packs sold by MAX can be placed on the floor without any support. These boxes are equipped with flame retardant inner liner. 

Metal outdoor ashtray is sturdy and durable, and resistant to dent, rust, cracking and other similar deterioration processes. Due to the limited oxygen supply, cigarette butts can be extinguished quickly, thus reducing the risk of fire. This function makes the dustbin very suitable for airport use and attaches great importance to fire safety. 

These cigarette ashtrays for sale are available in a variety of models, including powder coated surfaces that are resistant to external elements and internal containers made of galvanized steel. You can also browse our other similar items, such as waste cartons, wastebaskets, trash bins, etc., which can easily help you dispose of your garbage.

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