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Cigarette Ashfray for Hotel

The hotel is delicate in the details, like the ash pillar in a corner, so that passengers can get rid of their dusty work, a cigarette, and settle their body and mind, while the ash pillar settles the noise.

Hotel indoor cigarette ashtrays

There may be a smoking area specially provided for guests in the hotel to provide a comfortable environment for guests and ensure safety. In this area you need to provide ashtrays for your customers. In fact, these ashtrays are not only suitable for the smoking area of the hotel, but also suitable for smoking places such as the hotel lobby, corridor, parking lot, dining area and so on. Therefore, they have a safe, convenient and effective place to dispose of their ashes and cigarettes.

Ashtrays can not only prevent littering, but also prevent unnecessary fires that may occur when cigarettes are thrown into the dustbin. MAX offers a variety of metal ashtrays, so you can choose the style and appearance that best suits your decoration and budget to suit the decoration style of the hotel.

Buying guide for standing floor ashtray at hotel

How to choose and buy indoor cigarette ashtrays, following tips can be noticed:

1. We need to pay attention to the detailed design of environmental protection trash bin with ashtray, which is divided into the following five steps. The first step is to pay attention to its quality, such as whether it is resistant to falling and durable, strong bearing capacity and so on. 

2.Applicability of standing floor ashtray, for example, it can be put not only in the lobby of the hotel, but also in corridor, smoking areas, dining area and so on. 

3. Pay attention to the workmanship of standing floor ashtray, such as raising the bottom to prevent skid and wear resistance to ensure its stability, and smooth edges without scratching. 

4. Characteristics of standing floor ashtray design, such as the use of safety and environmental protection without peculiar smell, the bottom heightening can ensure its good anti-skid effect. 

5.  The innovative design points of indoor cigarette ashtrays, such as the triangle lock design is beautiful and safe, heightening and thickening the base to ensure the bearing capacity and so on.

Stainless steel ashtray stand at hotel

If you want an ashtray suitable for many places, the main purpose is to collect ash in one place, then the steel ashtray is your choice. They are economical and can even be easily cleaned. These ashtrays are very suitable for outdoor use. Free standing cigarette disposal bins is mainly divided into the following parts: Tobacco storage for cigarette tray, stainless steel tray, durable and safe with storage space for cigarette or lighter.

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