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Cigarette Ashtray for Shopping Mall

A shopping mall without a smoking room? No way! A smoking room without cigarette ashtray? Not a bit possible!

Although it's an undeniable fact that smoking is bad for health, cigarette still has its irresistible attraction to many people. In order to keep the nonsmokers away from the harm of second-hand smoke, it's necessary to set smoking rooms with cigarette ashtrays. Besides, for safety reasons, all the cigarette ashes should be kept in the ashtrays.

Cigarette ashtray stand at shopping mall

The design of the ash bucket is mainly divided into two parts: the main body and the top, the function of the main part is for garbage release, the general shape is cuboid, cylindrical and fan-shaped. 

There are two kinds at the top, one is directly embedded on the top of the main body, a small groove, can be separated; the other is fixed on the main body of a circular tray, material classification as long as stainless steel, glass, granite and iron baking, used to deal with cigarette ash and sticky matter such as cigarette butts or chewing gum. The materials are classified as stainless steel, baked paint, titanium, steel wood, leather, black mahogany fireproof board, wood body. 

It is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition centers, hotels, clubs, clubs, business buildings and so on. Seat ash bucket is widely used in banks, stations, hospitals, post offices and other places of the seat type of ash bucket, which is composed of the main body and the top.

Technology of steel trash bin

Steel trash bin adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel after oil removal-rust removal-surface adjustment-phosphating treatment, the surface adopts automobile electrostatic powder spray painting process, and then after baking at 180 ℃ to 220 ℃, the powder melts and adheres to the metal surface. Spray products are mostly used for indoor use of the box, the paint film shows a flat or matte effect. 

Steel trash bin adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel by deoiling-derusting-surface adjustment-phosphating treatment, fire resistance, high and low temperature resistance, suitable for adverse weather conditions; internal and external bright and clean, easy to clean, do not retain dirt; well-made, attention to detail, no mouth, not hurt hands; configuration of galvanized plate bucket, easy to clear garbage; easy to clean, color diversification, cost-effective and other advantages.

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