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Cigarette Ashtray

We have a wide variety of different kinds of metal ashtrays to use anywhere. Whether you are looking for stand ashtray, or wall-mounted ashtray, you will find them at maxmpf. All of our cigarette disposal containers are offered at high cost effective and good quality. We invite you to click on the links or pictures to check detailed information for our products.

Max offers a wide range of ashtray on the wall or standing. For you, the first criterion of choice for the ashtray model is its location and its environment. Since there are a variety of ashtrays on the market, you need to consider which type is best for you to buy. For example, standing ashtrays are the best choice for frequented outdoor smoking areas.

You can easily find a suitable ashtray on our website. If you want to save ground space in a designated area, a wall bin is a good choice. If you feel that wall-mounted ashtrays are not suitable for the smoking area you have designed, we also provide standing ashtrays. These ashtrays have a variety of styles and are very convenient to use.

Max has sufficient supplies to meet your needs and we also provide customized services. If you are interested in Max Ashtray, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Cigarette ash and butts are unsightly, as well as leading to environmental hazards. Discarded cigarettes cause problems on waterways, beaches, and other public spaces. Luckily, outdoor ashtrays and cigarette receptacles are there to help with the disposal of cigarettes in a hygienic, eco-friendly manner.

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