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Max Environmental Protection was founded in 2006 and grew up in the tide of economic reform in China. Over the years, Max has been innovating all the way with the goal of creating user value,manufacture high quality trash cans. After four transformations, it has developed into a well-known environmental protection enterprise.

As a professional environmental protection products manufacturer Max is positioned as a "trustworthy service provider for improving the community environment", and the first competitive service provider for better residential environment solutions is preferred by customers. Max established a win-win model of self-management. Internally, we are committed to improving the quality of service. Externally, we build an open platform and become an environmental protection enterprise with good influence.

Max builds a first-class mechanism and platform, which continuously creates value for customers, and then forms a win-win culture. At the same time, Max is committed to building a century-old green enterprise based on the concept of "love to beauty". How far an enterprise can go depends on its own values, which is the cornerstone of the enterprise's strategic landing and resistance to temptation.

1、Idea: Beauty through Love

Believe that life is a beautiful process. With love for life, gratitude for society and awe for nature, we can together pursue the true beauty of life.

2、Mission: Make the community more beautiful because of our efforts

Community building is a process of making the community more beautiful. We expect that in the process of community development, it will become different because of our participation.

3、Vision: Building a Community of Harmonious Development of human, Nature and Society

We will build a harmonious and win-win ecological community together with one community and one home, adhering to the attitude of mutual trust.

4、Orientation: Be a Trusted Service Provider for Improving Community Environment

Today's community construction is inseparable from the improvement of community environment purification and beautification. We do our best to work with the community to build trust and support improvement.

5、Team Values: Respect, Appreciation, Trust and Win-win Growth

Team is a community of life in which people cooperate and create value together. At the same time, every team member is a unique individual. When team members establish cooperation and pursue win-win situation, they must start from respect, experience mutual appreciation and mutual trust so as to achieve the best team cooperation results for common growth.

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