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Configuration of High-end Mall Trash Can

1. Mall trash can must match the corporate image

Whether in a shopping mall, or in a star-rated hotel or a Grade A office building, you can see all kinds of trash cans. However, how to use mall trash can to enhance corporate image is something beyond many companies' ability.

The so-called promotion of corporate image means that the mall trash cans can be perfectly matched with the corporate style, positioning, and environment, and become an integral part of the brand image and corporate culture of the entire mall. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to scientifically and rationally customize mall trash can.

2. Max can make all kinds of custom mall trash can

In response to the actual needs of the market, Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory, which has 15 years of professional experience in public landscape products, launched a series of shopping mall trash cans exclusively for corporate culture. Since then, through customization, the problem of shaping the mall trash can into a corporate image display window has been solved.

In terms of enhancing the corporate image, Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory has done a lot. The circular mall trash can is made of galvanized steel inner liner, which can be processed according to custom baking paint spraying powder, and can be used to produce corporate exclusive LOGO by various processes such as silk screen printing, etching, and laser hollowing, which is very eye-catching. The joints are tightly fitted, with large capacity and easy cleaning. 

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