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Craftsmanship and Material Selection of Outdoor Bin

Dustbin is everywhere. In the square, we see outdoor bins. At school and in hospital, outdoor bins can be seen everywhere.

Generally, outdoor bin has clear classification for waste, one bucket with red label is for unrecoverable garbage, and another bucket with green label is for recoverable garbage, which is positive performance for promoting resource recycling.

Those waste, which can be recycled and reused, such as paper waste, wooden waste or some drink bottles, can be directly thrown into recyclable dustbins.

But some plastic bags or other unrecoverable garbage shall be directly thrown into non-recyclable dustbins.

I. What are the materials of general outdoor bin?

Common dustbins are made by one kind of material. However, outdoor bin is different, mainly with steel part and batten part.

The whole frame of dustbin is basically supported by steel, and the steel surface has taken rust prevention and corrosion prevention.

The batten part of outdoor bin has certain specifications, neither general batten nor humid one.

Before making dustbin, the batten shall take drying treatment, spray paint for beauty, and flatten some burrs on batten surface.

II. What are good materials of public litter bins?

Dustbins can be divided into public litter bins and household litter bins according to usage occasion. Public litter bins can be divided into punching dustbins, outdoor bins, steel-wood dustbins, stainless-steel garbage bins, advertising bins, etc.

1. Plastic dustbin

It is easy to process and clean, suitable for using indoors. Outdoor public plastic litter bins shall use materials with good aging resistance.

2. Stainless-steel garbage bin

It will not be corroded by rain outdoors, but it may be stolen by thief.

3. Ceramic dustbin

Ceramics are pronoun for luxury products. Ceramic dustbin is easy to clean and highly polished, and leaves an impression of high quality.

4. Wooden dustbin

It is of good texture and environmentally friendly.

5. Pulp dustbin

It is used in Olympic Stadium in 2008, with labels of ceramics, plastics, unrecoverable, and prints of Good Luck in Beijing. This kind of recycled paper is very strong and environmentally friendly. There are about 140 pulp dustbins in the stadium.

6. Steel-wood dustbin

It has steel frame and is decorated by batten. At present, plastic wood or green wood sometimes replace solid wood.

7. Metal dustbin

It is usually made of steel with high durability and can be recycled. The defect of steel is easy to rust, so the steel will take oil and rust removal as well as stoving paint, in order to strengthen rust prevention outdoors.

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