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Does Stainless Dustbin Belong to Environmental Protection Trash Can?

The dustbin is a container for storing garbage, which has the same function as a trash can. It is generally square or rectangular, and is generally used in public places such as communities and parks.

As we all know, the beautiful shape and corrosion-resistant material of stainless dustbin are deeply recognized and loved by the market. Is the stainless steel dustbin really an environmentally friendly trash can? We need to analyze from two aspects.

1. Stainless steel dustbin can be produced from scrap steel

Smelting nickel-containing austenitic stainless steel from scrap steel can save more than 2/3 of energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70%. Assuming that all stainless steel dustbins are produced from scrap steel, 67% energy can be saved and 70% carbon dioxide can be reduced. Stainless steel dustbin can be recycled. The real material of stainless steel is iron, which can be recycled into the furnace. Therefore, it can save resources, which is a manifestation of environmental protection.

2. The stainless steel dustbin has no impact on the environment

Stainless steel dustbin has no effect on the environment. Because the material of stainless steel dustbins is not very harmful to the environment physically or chemically, it is difficult for stainless steel to react with other substances, and become compounds that pollute the environment. Stainless steel is not radioactive, so it will not affect the environment in any way.

Therefore, stainless steel dustbin is environmentally friendly, and the wide application of it meets the needs of modern people for environmental protection.

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