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Foot Operated Sanitizer Stand Facilitates Your Health and Safety

Affected by COVID-19, many countries and areas have been suffering seriously. Under this background, global small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises collaborate and develop various products such as isolation plates, protective masks and contactless products to prevent infection successively in a short time. Hence, Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory produces foot operated sanitizer stands a sanitizer stand that can spray alcohol disinfectant when operated just by foot, and there is no need of hands.

The core technology of foot operated sanitizer stand is the solid seamless steel tube, which is a particular technology producing non-dimensioned steel tube through forming processing, instead of chipping. Concisely speaking, foot operated sanitizer stand is a machine that can spray alcohol disinfectant when pressed by foot.

Such a foot operated sanitizer stand, produced by Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory, is simple to operate to protect against COVID-19. Then, it has an exquisite design, including the dismountable waterproof trays, the regulator to avoid shaking, the low center of gravity to keep stable and so on. Simultaneously, it is also useful for people with weak legs, because the machine can be started by hands as well. This product suits to be widely applied for hospitals, campuses, parks, hotels and other public areas to facilitate our safety. For more information, please contact us without hesitate!

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