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Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Max stainless steel dispenser pedal command avoids getting hand contaminated. doesn't need installing. 100% safe, no hand contact, free from contamination caused by bacterial transmission. It can be used independently or bolted to the ground. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and suitable for areas with high passenger flow, including schools, retail, transportation hubs and stadiums.

Why do we use alcohol dispenser foot pump?

The alcohol dispenser foot pump is  stable on its own, is vandal proof, very sturdy and compatible with any standard bottle.Foot operated sanitizer stand can also be fixed to the ground, which is suit for different activities in various areas. Foot dispenser a free-standing, touch-free hand sanitising station. Designed for inclusion in areas where dedicated handwashing facilities are limited or not feasible. With pedal sanitiser, alcohol pedal dispenser is more clear and convenient, commonly located on corridors and entrances to buildings.

The place where we first come into contact with germs is usually hands, where people wash their hands or maintain basic hand hygiene. And in the current environment, people begin to pay more and more attention to personal cleanliness and hygiene, the best way to control viruses and bacteria is to use pedal alcohol dispenser. Using foot alcohol dispenser in public can reduce your chances of getting sick in the inevitable daily interactions with people and bacteria. The stainless steel pedal sanitizer dispenser has a nozzle, so all you have to do is put your hand under the nozzle, use the pedals, and alcohol wipes will be spilled on your palms. Basically, the stainless steel foot pedal sanitizer is designed to get sensitive and accurate touch. No need to touch, using pedals can help you and your family stay away from germs and live a healthy life. This elegant alcohol foot dispenser can be easily placed on the ground, saving space for storing large bottles of soap and disinfectants. Max provides various foot pedal hand sanitizer dispenser to meet your needs in any situations.

Advantages of Max hand sanitizer dispenser foot pedal

  • The pedal gel dispenser is operated by pedals and is made of steel. The Max foot pedal hand sanitiser itself is completely stable, does not need to be installed, and is extremely durable and damage-proof.

  • The pedal sanitiser dispenser station provides alcohol hydrogel through a contactless mechanical pedal distribution station to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Foot pump hand sanitizer dispenser is suitable for standard push-button water alcohol gel bottles of various sizes.

  • Foot pedal sanitiser dispenser is essential for train and subway stations, airports, shopping malls, schools, universities, hospitals, doctors' offices, nursing homes, communities and other public places, as well as public places that generally need hand disinfection.

  • Foot pedal hand sanitizer stand can set up a conspicuous sign on how to properly disinfect your hands and reduce the spread of bacteria.

  • Pedal hand sanitizer dispenser helps keep workplaces healthier, cleaner and healthier. Suitable for any environment.

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