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Fortune Global Forum·2017 Guangzhou

Since 1995, the Fortune Global Forum has convened world leaders and the heads of global business---the chairmen, presidents, and CEOs of the world’s largest companies---on the dynamic frontiers of international commerce. The 2017 Global Forum was held in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China on December 6-8.


“The Fortune Global Forum is one of the most influential forums on economic development in the world.” Luckily, Guangzhou MAX get the chance to take part in the event that attracted worldwide attention in other special way.


This time we are fortunate to obtain permission to manufacture the patented garbage bin for Guangzhou streets. 500pcs of the street recycle bins are made by Guangzhou MAX, you can see our products are widely supplied to main streets and any public places in urban district in Guangzhou if you have a visit in this modern city.


Model # MAX-HB211 as the appointed recycle bin for 2017 Guangzhou Fortune Forum that will be presented in public to show the world that Guangzhou is not only modern city but also green & environmental friendly metropolis.


The garbage bin is made of high quality 304# grade stainless steel with brushed and powder coated finished. The frame of the bin is molded by a whole metal brushed sheet, there is raised platform on top for printing Logo and advertising. MAX-HB211 to be both beautifully designed and supremely functional in its position.


Silk-screen printed recycle logo on the doors leads citizen to throw garbage into different compartments. Commercial advertisement could be also put on the barrel body as well for its wide & flat shape of the door and frame.


All the waste bins for the Fortune Global Forum are required to equip with fiber glass inner bins, comes with ashtray between the compartments to avoiding fire when burning cigarette butts throw into the inner barrel in a wrong way.


Recently, The 2017 Guangzhou Fortune Forum has been finished for a vary long time, Guangzhou MAX’s products still can be seen on the streets. They work well and play the very important roles in daily life.

The Fortune Global Forum creates a valuable opportunity for the CEOs of the world’s biggest multinational companies---the Fortune Global 500---to actively engage with China and its leaders from both business and government. Guangzhou MAX also takes this opportunity to introduce its excellent products to the people around the world, in the future, we would like to prompt our waste bin, stanchion, luggage rack and any other items to the larger international markets.

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