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Four Principles for Setting Public Litter Bins

In the whole system of garbage placement, collection, transportation, treatment or disposal, the setting of trash dustbins affects not only the placement effect of the front end of the garbage system, but also the collection and transportation efficiency of the back end of the garbage system.

For cities that carry out waste classification management, it is not only necessary to clarify the total number of trash dustbins, but also need to solve the allocation proportion of classified waste bins. The configuration of classified trash dustbins has become an important part of the whole garbage classification management system.

Ⅰ. The public litter bins should be set to be convenient to put garbage

Making it easy for people to use in the public environment is one of the requirements for the design of trash dustbins in public places. In order to facilitate the release of garbage, the opening direction of the trash dustbins release opening generally has upward, lateral and oblique directions;

Ⅱ. The public litter bins should be set to be easy to remove garbage

Cleaners will clean the trash dustbins many times every day. Therefore, the design of trash dustbins in public places should be convenient for cleaners to remove garbage, and there should be no dead corners in the trash dustbins.

Ⅲ. Public litter bins should be rain proof and sun proof

Public litter bins are mostly placed in public environment and open places. Food and other wastes that need to be placed deteriorate and stink after being exposed to the sun and rain. Sewage flows out and attracts flies and mosquitoes, affecting the environment.

Ⅳ. The setting of public litter bins should be coordinated with the environment

The shape of public litter bin includes shape, color, material, etc., which must be considered to coordinate with the overall environment. In terms of the main function of the trash dustbin, the trash dustbin is not an ornament of the landscape, but an accessory of people.

Therefore, the design of public litter bins should be concise and generous, coordinate with the environment, and pay attention to the durability of the material selection of public litter bin. And we can also provide hotel litter bins for indoor using.

Ⅴ. How can public litter bins be placed reasonably?

It should be judged according to the characteristics of the area where the trash dustbins is used: the size of the flow of people, the nature of the place, etc. Where there is a large flow of people and it is easy to produce garbage, the spacing of trash dustbins can be appropriately smaller, on the contrary, it should be larger.

1. For streets, pedestrian streets, schools, living quarters, stations and other places, it can be considered to place a trash dustbins at a distance of 50m to 100m, and then adjust a relatively ideal distance according to the actual use, which can not only facilitate pedestrians, but also make the best use of the trash dustbins.

2. Scenic spots, parks and other recreational places can produce mountains of garbage when they are popular. At this time, the placement distance of trash dustbins can be controlled within 50m. It is suggested to choose more outdoor classified trash dustbins. For some recyclable beverage bottles and cans, tourists can be reminded to put them into recyclable classified trash dustbins.

3. In some urban trunk roads, small and medium-sized towns and the periphery of buildings, due to the relatively small flow of people, it is not easy to produce too much garbage. The placement distance can be appropriately increased to save some public litter bin resources for other places.

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