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Garbage Dump Enterprise - MAX Environmental CEO Donates Love and Funds to Education

MAX environmental protection Mr. Hou Jin, the heart of the dwarf pond to help, love to spread out.

Your love touches the world, your good deeds compose harmony. Donated funds for the construction of Yutang Town Aitang Primary School in Yongxing Town, Hunan Province. Hunan Yongxing County Education Bureau, Hunan Yongxing County People's Government, Yongxing County carp pond town Aitang Primary School to thank, a special award of the following donation certificates.


The love of Mr. Hou Jin, CEO of MAX Environmental Protection, is also reflected in the corporate culture.

MAX's mission of environmental protection is to make the community more beautiful because of our efforts.

MAX vision of environmental protection: building a harmonious development community of people, nature, and society [the same community, belongs to the same home, adhering to the attitude of mutual trust, building a harmonious and win-win ecological community together. ]

In recent years, MAX environmental CEO's donation to the construction of running a school has also felt that enterprises are training new people, better working environment and urging us to absorb new knowledge, which undoubtedly has the same meaning as donating school construction. It is also reflected in the culture of enterprises:

Team Values: Respect, Appreciation, Trust and Win-win Growth

At the end of the article, the editor hopes that the children of Yutang Town Aitang Primary School in Yongxing Town of Hunan Province will grow up healthily and happily.

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