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Tips about dustbins in governmnet

In the whole system of garbage delivery, collection, transportation and treatment or disposal, the setting of garbage bins affects not only the delivery effect of the front end of the garbage system, but also the collection and transportation efficiency of the back end of the garbage system. It is not only necessary to clarify the total number of garbage bins, but also need to solve the problem of allocation proportion of classified garbage bins.

1. It is one of the requirements for the design of garbage bins in public places to throw rubbish easily and make it easy for people to use it in the public environment. In order to facilitate garbage disposal, the opening of garbage bins is generally upward, lateral and oblique.

2. It is easy to remove rubbish, and the cleaners clean the trash bins many times a day, so the trash bins in public places should be designed to facilitate cleaners to remove rubbish, and dead corners should be avoided in the dustbins.
3. Rain and sun protection, outdoor metal waste bins are mostly placed in the public environment, open spaces, need to place food and other garbage after the sun and rain deteriorate and stink, sewage, attract flies and mosquitoes, affecting the environment.
4. The coordination of modeling and environment, the shape of public garbage cans, including shape, color, material, etc., must be considered when coordinating with the overall environment. In terms of the main function of the dustbin, the trash can is not the ornament of the landscape, but the accessory of the people. Therefore, the design strives to be concise and generous, coordinate with the environment, and pay attention to the durability of material selection at the same time.

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