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Hotel Supplies: Hotel Luggage Rack

What is the size of hotel luggage rack? Have you paid attention to luggage rack when you enter in and come out hotels? Some relatively careful friends may know that hotel luggage rack has certain specifications. Whatever the luggage is, it can be put onto suitable hotel luggage rack. Today, Max will check some common hotel luggage rack sizes.

1. Sizes of the hotel luggage rack

The size of luggage rack in hotel room is designed according to size and specification of various luggage of consumers. At present, what are the common size of hotel luggage rack? Frequent hotel luggage rack has two kinds, one is of complete wood, and another is metallic stainless steel. The size of wooden hotel luggage rack is (length)520*(width)410*(height)800. This kind of size is suitable for generally small-scale luggage.

In our daily lives, there is another common wooden hotel luggage rack size, which is 500*400*500mm. For few luggage, hotel manager will provide such kind of luggage rack, cute and unique, with good bearing quality and folding form, easy to store without occupying rest space, very convenient and practical. After introduction of general luggage rack, let's look at luggage rack of Max.

2. Hotel indoor luggage rack

Indoor luggage rack is necessary for hotel rooms. Max Metal provides many kinds of luggage rack for different room requirements and styles. Each luggage rack stands can be customized according to frame materials or colors. Strong nylon belt or PU belt will be matched to make luggage steadier.

Luggage rack is necessary for each guest room. It's the convenient place for your luggage for the duration of your stay. After a long day's journey, luggage rack provides a place for luggage. It makes packing and unpacking much easier, and save space by putting luggage far away from floor, sofa, bed or chair. It not only is a useful suitcase rack, but also can make room decoration beautiful. No matter pretty foldable luggage rack or fashionable one, we can customize those suitable for you.

In Max, we hope you can find and purchase luggage rack easily, which suits your accommodation. When seeking for suitable luggage rack, material and shape are important, besides of firm frame, all luggage rack is equipped with fabric tape or raised metal strip to fix luggage in place without sliding, the fabric has strong bearing capacity and can be easily moved to luggage rack. Generally wooden or metal frame makes luggage rack. Max luggage rack can be divided into the one with a back and the other without a back. Both adopts triangular design, much steadier, easy to stretch and carry, and saving space.

If you are interested in Max luggage rack, please contact us as soon as possible. We have enough supply of goods to meet your demands.

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