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How to Choose a Waste Material Dustbin?

The use of waste material dustbin can reflect a person's quality of life and style. The trash cans placed next to the coffee table in the living room are made of plastic, stainless steel or white oak. Whether the trash cans next to the toilet are covered or uncovered, and whether the cover should be opened manually or automatically are all in a beautiful, hygienic and hygienic manner. The degree of convenience reflects the owner's requirements for the quality of life.

Ⅰ. Classification of waste material dustbin

1. Shape

Trash cans can be roughly divided into two shapes: rectangular parallelepiped and cylindrical. The former can be placed against the wall or at the corner of the wall, which saves space; the latter is more common, has better stability, and is convenient for dumping garbage.

2. Material

The materials of trash cans can be basically divided into three types: plastic, metal and wood, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Plastic trash cans are low in cost and easy to clean, but they are lighter overall and easy to knock over; metal materials are safer and more durable, and overall heavier; wooden ones are more beautiful, but they are prone to corrosion and deformation and are more difficult to clean.

3. The lid

The design of the lid is closely related to the beauty, sanitation and ease of use of the trash can. Generally speaking, from no lid to half lid, swing lid, full lid, the cleanliness gradually increases while the convenience of use decreases a little bit.

4. How to open the lid

For waste material dustbin with lids, the lid opening methods can be roughly divided into three types: manual, induction, and pedal. The former is slightly less convenient and more durable; the latter two are more convenient to use, but less durable.

Take the pedal trash can as an example. Due to the pedal design, the lid can be opened without bending over, but the structure is slightly complicated, and the poor quality is easy to fall when stepped on, so the composition material and process requirements are higher.

Ⅱ. Different rooms have different requirements for waste material dustbin

1. Living room

The types of garbage generated in the living room are mixed, such as packaging boxes, waste paper, bottles, cans, peels, etc. may appear. The ideal living room should be classified and used with multiple trash bins, or at least prepare a slightly larger one, so that it will not be filled up when thrown into an empty bottle;

In addition, it is recommended to consider the style with a lid for the living room waste material dustbin, so that no matter you or the guest, you will not see the dirty things inside from time to time. The material is recommended to match the decoration style, using wood, metal or plastic materials.

2. Kitchen

It is recommended that you put a medium-capacity (10-15L) waste material dustbin without a lid in the kitchen. A moderate capacity will prompt you to empty it in time, and will not prevent some hard packaging and other garbage from being stuffed in.

There are many kitchen rubbish bin solutions, if the waste material dustbin has a lid, not only will it be inconvenient to throw things during the cooking operation, but the lid will easily become sticky and difficult to clean.

3. Toilet

The waste material dustbin in the bathroom is mainly used for personal care products such as used toilet paper, sanitary napkins, cotton swabs, cotton swabs, etc. For hygiene reasons, the trash can in the bathroom is best to use with a lid.

But the waste material dustbin in the bathroom has a special scene requirement, that is, people often need to throw things into the toilet while sitting on the toilet. At this time, there is actually only one hand that can be used, both holding the things to be thrown out, and opening the lid of the waste material dustbin.

Therefore, it is not recommended to open the lid of the trash can with a foot pedal, but it is recommended to use an automatic induction type or a swing lid type, so that one-handed operation is very convenient. The humidity in the bathroom is heavy. Wooden trash cans are not recommended. Stainless steel or plastic materials are recommended.

4. Study room and office

The study room is similar to the office scene, and most of it is filled with waste paper, tea bags, snack packaging and other garbage.

The needs here can be broken down: if most of the trash you generate on your desk is waste paper, it is recommended that you prepare a larger waste material dustbin, and it will be more if the trash such as tea bags, snacks, soot and even peels Many, it's better to work hard and work hard obediently.

If the space near the desk is limited, consider using square office pedal bins and stick it to the corner to save space.

5. Bedroom

If you live in a whole house and the bedroom is only responsible for the rest function, then we do not recommend that you put the bedroom trash can. However, many ladies’ dressers will be placed in the bedroom. At this time, it is very convenient to put a bedroom bin nearby. It is recommended to choose a style with a cover and a small size.

6. Shared single room or studio room

In fact, your room often has the functions of a bedroom, a living room, a study, and even a dining room. At this time, we recommend you to prepare two bedroom bins. One holds recyclables such as waste paper, bottles and cans, and the other holds other garbage. The trash can with recyclables can be a little larger without a cover. The other is better to have a cover and pour it frequently.

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