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How to Choose Airport Retractable Queue Guardrails?

As international airport is an essential part of a nation's image, it is important to select high-quality personalized service facilities to match the international level. For example, retractable queue barriers play a very important role in airports, and they almost exist in every airport (MAX has project cases in Dubai international airport). So, how to select a suitable retractable queue barriers for an airport?

1. Quality

Airports usually have a high flow of customer traffic, so the retractable queue barriers selected must be high-quality and durable. If the products are used improperly, Airports’ orders and qualities will be impacted seriously because of the quality problems of barriers.

2. Features

Currently, retractable queue barriers used by all airports are virtually identical, and an unique design of barriers can promote an airport's image adequately, although the barriers’ function is single.

3. Customized

A good retractable queue barrier must be able to be customized, including the height of railings, the length of retractable bands and so on. Different queue barriers suit different places, and every airport has its own name and logo, so it is typically important to show their name and logo on the railings and bands for airports.

Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory has 14-years experience in retractable queue barriers producing and embraces many national patents. Except reliable quality, we also satisfy the three requirements above. Please contact us for more information.

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