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How to Choose the Hotel Room Suitcase Stand

1. How to choose a hotel luggage carrier

In hotel rooms, the space is relatively compact, so a hotel luggage carrier is generally foldable, which can save space and be used when guests need it, and it can be put after being folded in the closet to keep the room neat as a whole. Considering these two factors, what should be paid attention to when we chose the size of a hotel luggage carrier?

2.How to choose the size of a hotel luggage carrier

When you go out or before you check in a hotel, you will take public transportation in most cases, such as plane, high-speed rail, cruise, tourist bus, etc. If you carry a large suitcase with you, it is difficult for you to put it on the luggage carrier of public transportation. As for most hotel room suitcase stands, it is easy to put a suitcase of 24 inches on them.

Therefore, most hotel room suitcase stands are also customized according to this standard. The general size will be about 60*45*55CM(length*width*height). After being folded, the hotel room suitcase stand is about 60*45*15CM(length*width* height), which can be put in the closet as well.

But many hotels will choose to customize the hotel luggage carrier because there may not be a suitable luggage carrier on the market. And many hotels hope to find luggage carriers of good quality.

Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory specializes in the production and sale of hotel room suitcase stands, providing popular style luggage carriers for mid- to high-end hotels, and also welcome customers to customize, please feel free to contact us if you need anything.

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