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How to Choose the Material of Stainless Steel Trash Can?

Stainless steel trash cans are not easy to rust under normal temperature, pressure, and humidity. In fact, the selection of stainless steel trash cans is based on the environment in which they are used. For acidic environments, use stainless acid-resistant steel, and for high-temperature environments, stainless heat-resistant steel should be selected. We use ordinary stainless steel in our daily life. Different grades of stainless steel have different rust resistance due to their different compositions. The higher the content of nickel and chromium in the material, the stronger the rust resistance.

So, how to choose the material of stainless steel trash can?

The selection of materials for stainless steel trash can should consider the operating conditions, such as manual or automatic operation, the performance and type of the hot press, and the quality requirements of the pressed material such as hardness and gloss. In addition, for example, as for the stainless steel outdoor sorting trash can of Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory, when choosing the most reasonable thickness of the steel plate for the stainless steel trash can, the service time, quality, and rigidity should be considered, and the strength requirements of the plate under compression should be considered; In addition, heat conduction performance, pressure distribution, format specifications of the pressing plate are also important factors.

If the thickness of the stainless steel trash can is not enough, it is easy to bend, which will affect the production of decorative sheets. If the thickness is too large, the steel plate is too heavy, which not only increases the cost of the steel plate, but also brings unnecessary difficulties to the operation.

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