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How to Choose the Trash Can?

1. How to choose indoor garbage cans?

When hot Summer comes, garbage will produce unfavorable smell under high temperature. For you who love to be clean, are you worried about the strong smell from the garbage? If there is something dirty in the bedroom, it will definitely attract mosquitoes. So, what kind of indoor garbage can is suitable for the bedroom? Of course, it should have a lid which has good sealing and can be automatically closed, and also, it should have small volume. This kind of indoor garbage cans reminds people of closing the lid or taking out the garbage so as to avoid attracting mosquitoes. Otherwise, people will inhale bacteria from the garbage when they sleep at night.

2. How to choose outdoor waste bin?

Which kind of dustbin is more suitable for outdoors? Some suggestions will be followed:

First of all, most of the outdoor waste bins are placed outdoors, and their frequency of utilization is relatively high. Therefore, the capacity of the outdoor waste bins should be large. The larger capacity, the better. For example, plastic dustbin is relatively more practical than steel and wood dustbin in capacity. Now, some outdoor waste bins are covered with advertisements outside, but the capacity inside is very small. Some of them are just a decoration, which has smaller capacity than the indoor garbage cans. We can't use this kind of waste bin for garbage collection. In fact, it's just a multi-faceted billboard in the name of public waste bin.

As we all know, there are several types of garbage classification, including recyclable, non recyclable, battery recycling, and cigarette end recycling. If these functions are designed on the outdoor waste bin, the complicated work of garbage classification can be greatly reduced, and the public's awareness of garbage classification can be enhanced. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of sortable waste bin should be considered, which includes two classified dustbins, three classified dustbins and four classified dustbins, depending on the needs of different places. However, the use of two classified dustbins, namely recyclable dustbins and non recyclable dustbins, is essential.

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