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How to Customize Trash Cans for Scenic Spots?

Tens of thousands of tourists go to each scenic spot every day, which means the scenic spot welcomes a large number of tourists every day, so any layout should be considered to complement the style of the scenic spot. Let's take the trash cans in the scenic area as an example. When purchasing, staffs can not buy any kind of trash cans they want just like those they buy for their own houses, so some scenic spot purchasing departments directly approach the trash can manufacturers to buy custom made trash cans. So what should we pay attention to when customizing the trash can for the scenic spot?

1. To embody the concept of environmental protection. Due to different quality of tourists, the functions of different custom made trash cans may not be correctly distinguished by them, so it is better to mark those trash cans as recyclable and non recyclable separately.

2. To exhibit a cultural atmosphere, custom made trash cans should match the surrounding environment atmosphere, and bring out the best in each other with the theme to be highlighted

3. To show a sense of retro. If there are some modern projects in the scenic area, such as sand sliding, rope sliding and water expansion, some modern style custom made trash cans should be used around.

4. Custom made trash cans should not be open, that is, tourists don't have to see the trash when passing by the trash cans, which should be opened by the side. The opening should be similar to a small door, which can only be opened under the action of tourists' external force so that tourists can put in trash and it will close automatically after they finish.

5. Custom made trash cans should be taken out quickly and conveniently by the cleaner. Like most public litter bins, they should have double cans divided into an internal trash can and an external trash can.

6. The internal trash can is made of environmentally friendly and economical plastic materials to save costs. When it is used, black plastic bags are put inside. When the trash in the internal trash can is full, the cleaner only needs to open the external trash can to take out the internal can, and then take out the black garbage bag full of trash to reduce the workload of the cleaning staff and save the labor cost.

7. The external trash can must be durable. Many custom made trash cans are made of iron materials with the advantages of flexibility and plasticity, which can be made into many different shapes. In addition, the iron surface is smooth and easy to paint, which also makes it become the most popular material for many scenic spots to make their custom made trash cans.

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