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How to Customize Trash Dustbin in Scenic Spots?

With the rapid development of tourism, there are tens of thousands of tourists in major scenic spots every day. Currently, scenic spots have a large number of tourists every day, and the layout should be considered to complement the style of scenic spots.  

Therefore, for the garbage bins in scenic spots, the staff can not be as random as buying garbage cans at home when purchasing, and some scenic spots are directly customized by trash dustbin manufacturers.

Ⅰ. Custom made trash cans in scenic spots need to be environmentally friendly and cultural

Custom made trash cans in scenic spots should reflect the concept of environmental protection. The functions of different trash cans may not be correctly distinguished since tourists have different education levels. Therefore, it is better to mark the recyclable and non-recyclable trash cans in scenic spots.

Custom made trash cans in scenic spots should have cultural presences and be adapted to the surrounding environment. Also, they should complement the theme to be highlighted.

Ⅱ. Custom made trash cans in scenic spots should have a retro style

If the scenic area has sand skiing, ziplining, water exercise and other relatively modern programs, some modern-style scenic area custom trash cans should be used around.

Ⅲ. Custom made trash cans in scenic spots should be convenient and cost-effective

Trash dustbins in scenic spots should be opened on the side rather than entirely, which avoids the situation that tourists cannot see the trash when passing by.

The opening of custom made trash cans in scenic spots should be similar to a small door, and tourists can only open the door and throw the garbage in cans under the action of external force. After the tourists put their hands away, custom made trash cans will be closed automatically.

The garbage in scenic area custom trash cans should be convenient for cleaners to quickly take away, which means the design of trash cans should be both built-in and external cans. The built-in cans are made of environmentally friendly and economical plastic materials to save costs.

A black plastic bag should be put in the built-in cans during use. When custom made trash cans in scenic spots are full, cleaners only need to open external cans to take out built-in cans, and then take out black plastic bags with full garbage, which can reduce the workload and save labor costs.

The external cans of custom made trash cans in scenic spots must be strong and durable. Many of them are made of iron materials with the advantages of strong flexibility and plasticity, which can be made into many different shapes. In addition, the iron surface is smooth and easy to paint, and it is also the choice of custom made trash cans in many scenic spots.

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