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How to Deal with the Rust of Stainless Steel Bin

1. How to deal with the rust of stainless steel bin

(1) If rust is caused by adhesion of other metals, you can use a cloth and neutral detergent to scrub the rusty place, then clean it with water, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Be careful not to leave the neutral detergent on it.

(2) In the case of air pollution by the busy street, the stainless steel bin must be rust-proofed regularly, and soapy water can be used to clean it when the rust is slight.

(3) When cleaning workers are working, they may touch the trash can with their hands, so that palm prints or dirt on their hands will cause rust. At this time, we can pour a little alcohol and acetone on the rag to clean it, then use the cleaning solution to clean it, and finally rinse the solution with water, and use a clean rag to dry the stainless steel bin.

The stainless steel bin has the rust resistance property that iron trash cans don't have, but it retains the high hardness of iron and the characteristics of easy forgeability. It is applicable to various public places, and it is both exquisite and simple. The anti-rust function is very good, but it is easy to rust if the maintenance is not good.

2. How to maintain the stainless steel bin

(1) Generally, customers are recommended to clean the trash can once a week to avoid the formation of yin and yang poles on the garbage to accelerate the corrosion rate; it is not recommended to use strong detergents during cleaning to avoid washing off the protective layer on the surface; rust needs to be cleaned up in time.

(2) The stainless steel bins require anti-rust and maintenance measures. What's more, cleaning up the rust in time to avoid spreading to other places is required.

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