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How to Distinguish the Quality of Retractable Queue Barrier

Nowadays, the retractable queue barrier has become a necessity for various places such as banks, airports, stations, subway stations, exhibitions, shopping malls, factories, and properties… It helps to make places orderly. How to distinguish the quality of the retractable queue barrier?

1. Railing base

The retractable queue barrier produced by Max is a weighted base of stainless steel plate sealing and die-casting, but in the market, there are many producers who use bad materials like plastic seals, iron sheet seals, and even low-cost rubber as the base of the retractable queue barrier. These are not heavy enough and can easily burst.

2. Railing seat steel

Max has always been adhering to the honest business philosophy of seeking market by quality and development by technology to produce various products such as a retractable queue barrier. Another comparison method of retractable queue barriers is to directly compare the thickness of the steel. Max's thickened steel is durable, heavy, and stable, and not easy to rust. The low-cost and low-quality steel is very thin, is easy to be flattened when touched, and also easy to rust, and it is too light so it is not stable.

3. Railing base cover

The base cover of the retractable queue barrier is often rolled up and the quality difference is not that easy to tell. But we can directly weigh the product by hand. The thicker the steel, the heavier the product, and the thinner the steel, the lighter the product.

4. The railing seat retractable belt

The railing seat retractable belt produced by Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory is a pure nylon belt. And in the market some manufactures are producing low-cost polyester belts, which is easy to fade and soften.

The retractable queue barrier sold by Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory is of high quality and suitable for customers to use in public places where they need to queue. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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