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How to Divide the Hotel Suitcase Holders?

Most people staying in hotels are tourists or people on business trips. Usually, a passenger will have one or two suitcases. Hotel suitcase holders are made of various materials, mainly metal and solid wood. In addition to materials, there will also be different styles. Choosing hotel suitcase holders suitable for your hotel will bring some convenience in the future.

Ⅰ. Metal hotel suitcase holders

Of course, there are many different metals, such as iron outer treatments in various colors, stainless steel plating colors, and so on. The latter will be more expensive, but the quality and texture are better.

The advantage of metal hotel suitcase rack is that they are more durable, and some metal hotel luggage racks with backs have an advantage: the luggage of passengers is not easy to directly touch the wall.

Ⅱ. Solid wood hotel suitcase holders

The solid wood hotel luggage rack is made of high-quality wood because the solid wood hotel luggage rack is basically sprayed with open paint (which can be understood as transparent paint). The wood grain is natural and high-grade, but the price of the solid wood hotel luggage rack is also high. Taller.

Generally, hotels will choose foldable luggage racks, because they can be stored well when they are folded normally, and there is no space for luggage racks. Customers can open the folding luggage racks and place luggage when needed.

A suitable hotel luggage rack is more worry-free so that customers have no worries.

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