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How to Maintain Stainless Steel Trash Can

1. Although the stainless steel trash can is made of stainless steel, most of the inner liner is made of galvanized sheet. If the trash can is in a humid environment for a long time, the inner liner will still rust and rot after a period of time. So in order to make the trash can provide long-term service, we should keep it in a relatively dry environment if possible.

2. Although the surface of the stainless steel trash can is able to withstand the erosion of most substances, if the salt, concentrated acid, and leftovers stick to the surface of the steel for a long time, it may make the barrel surface become yellow and black which cannot be repaired. The stainless steel trash can should be wiped and cleaned frequently, so as to ensure its surface is as clean as new.

3. Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel trash can is able to maintain the natural uniform luster of the metal, and it is easy to clean. But it is quite confusing that there are always some fingerprints on it and it is not easy to wipe off. The stains on the barrel really influence the appearance of the trash can.

For sand-grained stainless steel surfaces, Max provides you with a small stealing method to remove fingerprints and oil stains. Coat the surface of the bucket with double fly powder, press a normal scouring pad on the powder and wipe it vigorously for one minute, then wipe off the powder with a dry cloth, and the surface of the stainless steel trash can will shine like a new one.

But for the mirror stainless steel material, you can't wipe it with a scouring pad. Otherwise, the entire barrel will become scarred and irreversible. Under this situation, you should wipe it gently with a clean soft cotton cloth, and then the surface of the trash can will shine like a new one.

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