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How to Maintain the Outdoor Rubbish Bin?

Ⅰ. The outdoor rubbish bin needs maintenance

There are many factors that can aggravate the damage of outdoor rubbish bins. Many aspects are needed to protect the rubbish bin from being damaged by harmful substances in the environment. Different types of pollution have different degrees of damage to products, so different protective measures need to be taken to save costs. Generally, in addition to the special treatment required by the highly polluted environment, the anti-corrosion techniques used in the general environment are mainly electroplating or baking paint.

Ⅱ. Applications of the stainless steel rubbish bin

Rubbish bins on city streets are exposed to the scorching sun in summer and frozen in winter, which makes stainless steel recycle bin is a good choice. This is not something that ordinary materials can bear. In particular, plastic rubbish bins are easy to age and crack in this environment with large temperature differences, which greatly reduces the use time, fails to meet the design requirements and increases the use cost.

Now, due to industrial reasons, the air quality in many cities has decreased seriously. Rainwater and fog contain a large number of harmful substances and are highly corrosive. At present, the outdoor rubbish bins are mainly made of stainless steel and other steel products. The appearance can adopt baking paint and electroplating process to effectively prolong the service life of the products.

Due to the characteristics of steel products, high-strength steel dustbins need to be used in many places to prevent corrosion and greatly improve the service life. Therefore, the current use of plastic dustbins is decreasing. The stainless steel rubbish bin or dustbins with iron products as the main structure are generally used in most places.

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