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How to Make a Garbage Can

1. The role of public garbage cans

Public garbage can is a kind of public facility, used to store garbage and waste, and is often placed in parks, communities, schools, and other outdoor public places. It plays a role in protecting the public environment and has made outstanding contributions to the cleanliness of the city.

2. How to make public garbage cans with different materials

The public garbage can is composed of the following parts: the body part and the inner liner part. The body is generally made of stainless steel or wood.

Steps to make garbage can using stainless steel: 1. Use steel plate to bend into shape. 2. Carry out processes of cutting and welding according to their respective characteristics, and carry out some adjustment procedures. 3. After the product is polished and dust removed, pickling, sandblasting and electrostatic spraying are carried out. Manufacturing of stainless steel dustbins.

Steps to make garbage can using wooden strips: 1. Make the logs into the required specifications for the chair strips, and dry them (natural drying or steam drying). 2. Then a series of post-processes are carried out, and the chair strips should be flat before the paint treatment can be carried out. 3. After spraying the wood several times with the primer, polish it to remove the burrs on the surface of the wood, and then spray the paint. Manufacturing of wood garbage cans.

The inner part of the public garbage can: 1. It is made of galvanized thin iron sheet. 2. Put the thin iron sheet of specific size on the punching machine for punching. 3. Take samples for inspection with the method of sampling inspection.

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