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How to Make the Retractable Queue Barrier Safer?

Retractable queue barrier is also called one-meter isolation belt. In relatively large-scale event sites and scenic spots, playgrounds, museums, stadiums, exhibition halls, large shopping malls, hotels, retractable queue barriers are used to maintain the order of queuing, ensuring safety by keeping public distance.

When the retractable queue barriers run out of retractable straps, if there is no slow buffer system, the retractable queue barriers will quickly shrink back the straps in less than 2 seconds. When manufacturing retractable queue barriers, the retracting time of the telescopic belt can be set to more than 3 seconds. With such a safety design, the hidden safety hazard of retracting the retractable queue barriers too quickly naturally does not exist, which brings a big surprise for occasions pursuing safety.

In practical applications, Max's  retractable queue barrier has become a classic one with its high appearance, safe retraction and convenient operation. It is widely used in many public places and has won the favor of most customers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us to purchase!

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