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How to Select Steel Wood Trash Can?

Steel wood trash cans are generally used in outdoor scenic spots, residential areas and other areas. When buying steel wood trash cans, you must consider whether they can withstand the wind and sun or not.

Generally speaking, steel wood trash cans are usually measured in three parts:

(1) Wood: Choosing wood is very important. It is the weakness of the entire steel wood trash can. Just like the wooden bar of the bucket, it directly determines the service life of the product. Wood is divided into oak, elm, paulownia, maple, teak, camphor, sassafras, poplar and other raw materials. It is not only necessary to select good raw materials, but also to have good post-processing such as anti-corrosion treatment, and it is better to choose wood with high density.

(2) Steel plate: It can be divided into ordinary steel, cold-rolled steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, high-quality steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel, etc. Normally we use cold-rolled steel plates for making trash cans.

(3) Inner bucket: Because sanitation workers need to clean the trash can every day, the inner bucket should be made of galvanized iron, which is light in weight. Outdoor type can choose ground installation device together with lock, so that it is anti-theft; Usually equipped with galvanized steel inner bucket, it is convenient for garbage collection and cleaning.

(4) Manufacturing process: The metal frame is made of high-quality steel plate with folded edges and tailored welding. The surface is anti-rust treated and then goes through outdoor powder spray; The wood is dried, polished, chamfered, and anti-corrosion treated, and the surface is sprayed with imported UV resistant polyester paint.

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