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How To Use Smart Stainless Steel Indoor Single Dust Bin

Stainless steel trash can introduction

When using the ordinary stainless steel trash can, you have to open it with your feet or hands, which is neither convenient nor sanitary. The electronic induction stainless steel trash can makes up for this disadvantage. It changes the ordinary stainless steel trash can with infrared sensing technology. When you come close to the smart stainless steel trash can to throw garbage, it will open automatically. After throwing garbage, the stainless steel trash can will close automatically. The sensing interval is 15-20cm. The stainless steel indoor garbage cans cover will open automatically when people's hands or objects are close to the feeding port by 15-20cm and close automatically after the garbage is put into the can. Because the stainless steel trash can is equipped with a negative oxygen ion generator, it can remove bacteria and odor. Max also provide 3 compartment recycling bin stainless steel for various usage in different situations.

Product description of intelligent stainless steel trash can

This stainless steel trash can has two layers of "clothes" on. The "coat" is made of 100% HDPE and is acid and alkali resistant. And this stainless steel trash can is wearing "iron clothes", and the body, mouth and bottom of the trash can are specially reinforced. The "coat" inside is made of stainless steel and coated with zinc powder. More importantly, the smart stainless steel trash can has a "heart", which is the essence of the stainless steel trash can. The "heart" is composed of a built-in microcomputer chip, a infrared exploration equipment, a negative oxygen ion generator, a transmission equipment and a linkage mechanism. This kind of stainless steel trash can is also electricity-economical. Four batteries are enough.

Operation strategy

1. Install four D size batteries.

2. Turn on the side (or bottom) switch button of the product.

3. Only 15-20cm to the sensing position of stainless steel trash can is required for garbage disposal.

4. There is a garbage bag deposit device planned in the product. The size of the deposit box is 5 * 15cm, and a roll of garbage bags about 45 * 50cm can be enclosed in one time for easy replacement.

Matters needing attention

1. The diameter of the whole roll of garbage bag shall not exceed 5cm, and the length shall not exceed 15cm.

2. When the stainless steel trash can is opened, do not press the cover forcibly by hand. If closed forcibly, restart it.

3. Take out the discarded battery in time to avoid damage to electronic components due to battery leakage.

4. Don't put the stainless steel trash can under hard light!

Features of Stainless Steel Indoor Single Dust Bin

1. With this creative user-friendly design, it's more convenient to use;

2. When the human body is close to the front end of the cylinder cover for about 15cm, the cover is opened automatically, and is closed automatically after use to keep it clean and sanitary forever;

3. Sensitive induction and ideal opening speed realizing automatical closing 5 seconds after opening;

4. Electronic components are fully sealed and waterproof to achieve the long service life of the product;

5. With high-tech infrared induction function, the smart stainless steel indoor single dust bin will open its cover when you are close, so as to avoid unnecessary cost;

6. With the concept of non-contact planning, it protects you far away from bacteria and viruses and away from the source of infection;

7. With beautiful shape and color, it's elegant no matter in the living room or bedroom;

8. Built-in garbage can, no exposure, no smell, easy to replace garbage bag.

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