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Importance of Trash Dustbin in Home Decoration!

No matter where it is, there is trash where there are people and trash cans where there is trash. Every home is equipped with one or more trash cans to dispose of rubbish, but do you know what can a trash can do beside containing trash? It is the role of decoration. Don't underestimate a small trash can, it occupies a very important position in the home decoration!

1. The color of the trash dustbin

Every home has its own style. This style is mainly in terms of color. So it is necessary to equip a trash can with the same color. Just imagine that a white-based home is equipped with a brown trash dustbin. How does it make people feel? Then this trash dustbin will look very abrupt, incompatible with this family, and affect the appearance, so the color is very important!

2. The size of the trash dustbin

The size of the trash dustbin determines how much garbage is loaded. But it's not that the bigger the trash dustbin, the better. You can't put a 240L environmentally friendly trash can in your home. It is not only unsightly, but also takes up space; but too small trash cans contain too little garbage and need to be cleaned frequently, which is very troublesome. So we have to choose a suitable size trash dustbin.

3. The function of trash dustbin

Generally, homes don't have only one trash dustbin. There is a kitchen bin in the kitchen and a room bin in the room, but it does not mean that the same kind of trash can can be placed. Generally speaking, kitchen trash cans are mainly used for loading kitchen waste. The trash can get smelly after being left for a long time, so you need to put a trash can with a lid. The room bin is generally filled with some paper towels, waste paper trash, you can put an ordinary trash bin.

4. The style of the trash dustbin

Needless to say, you can choose which trash can according to your personal preference and which style you like!

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