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Key Points for Purchasing Stainless Steel Trash Cans

Stainless steel trash can is a container for storing garbage, which is made of stainless steel. Because stainless steel is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water and chemical corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt, the stainless steel dustbin has high durability. The trash can made of stainless steel is also fireproof and durable.

Stainless steel is often divided into martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenitic-ferritic (duplex) stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel according to the structure state. In addition, according to the composition, it can be divided into: chromium stainless steel, chromium nickel stainless steel and chromium manganese nitrogen stainless steel.

How to choose a stainless steel trash can?

Usually, if you want to buy a trash can with good anti-rust effect, stainless steel is generally used. But a very troublesome question is how to choose a good stainless steel material that is not easy to rust and not easy to be corroded?

1. First look at the alloying elements of stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the alloying elements contained in the steel, such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper, and nitrogen. Their distribution ratios are different, and their corrosion resistance is also different. The amount of chromium increases corrosion resistance, toughness and weldability.

2.  The corrosion resistance of stainless steel decreases with the increase of carbon content. Usually, when buying stainless steel trash cans, you must check the carbon element content in stainless steel materials.

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