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Luggage Rack for Hotel

Hurriedly check in the hotel, a luggage rack, enough to make people feel comfortable, to brush away all the dust, put the luggage to the hotel style luggage rack, safely into the dream.

Hotel room suitcase stand luggage rack

The folding luggage rack for guests is generally suitable for putting in the hotel room, because most customers are tired of travelling, and the hotel's suitcase rack can be used to put not too heavy suitcases. Some people do not like to squat on the ground and bend over to take luggage, so the hotel will set up hotel room luggage stand in a convenient position, where suitcases or other items can be placed, so it is highly convenient for guests to organize their belongings. According to the overall style of the guest room, there are many styles, colors, patterns, materials hotel luggage racks folding to choose from, or customized. Most of them are folding luggage racks, which are highly mobile. Generally speaking, the hotel folding luggage rack  is in the wardrobe, which is sturdy.

Hotel suitcase rack buying guide

When choosing hotel room luggage racks, there are several key points: 

Material and weight restrictions of suitcase holder hotel

The material of the hotel suitcase rack will eventually determine the weight it can bear. Most of MAX's luggage racks on the market are made of iron. They are stable and sturdy and can hold more than 100lbs. Hotel style luggage rack can also be made of wood or steel, which are more sturdy and expensive. 

Storage space of luggage rack for hotel room

Most luggage rack holder consist of a luggage rack that is usually woven, which is enough for most guests. Realistically speaking, there is only one level of luggage, but for hotels in special circumstances, guests may carry more luggage than usual and may need double luggage rack for hotel room. 

Color of hotel suitcase stand

Luggage racks for guest rooms have a variety of colors to choose from, just choose the right color for your specific space. Try to keep the tone of the room consistent. If there is no exact match, you can choose a neutral color hotel style luggage rack.

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