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Material of Trash Can and Matters Needing Attention

I. Material of garbage waste bins

1. Metal outdoor garbage cans

Metal outdoor garbage cans include iron garbage can, electrolytic plate garbage can, and stainless steel garbage can. They have good durability and can be recycled after being damaged, so they are also called environmentally friendly garbage cans. The steel is easy to rust, so before making the metal outdoor garbage cans, we will remove the oil and rust from the metal first, and then bake the paint to enhance the durability of metal outdoor garbage cans.

2. Outdoor wooden trash bins

There are several kinds of outdoor wooden trash bins, such as log trash bin, plastic wood trash bin, steel wood trash bin, and antiseptic wood trash bin. They have good texture and are environmentally friendly.

3. Environmental protection dustbins

In a broad sense, environmental protection dustbins refer to all dustbins that can be recycled or have no pollution to the environment. In a narrow sense, they include pulp dustbins, cement dustbins, colorful dustbins as well as FRP dustbins.

4. Plastic dustbins

Plastic dustbins are made of plastic particles heated by high temperature and injected into molds. Different sizes of plastic dustbins can be made according to different occasions. Generally speaking, the capacity of indoor plastic dustbins is below 100L, and that of outdoor dustbin is above 100L. At present, the capacity of the largest outdoor dustbin can reach 1100L.

II. Precautions in the use of garbage waste bins

We can't live without the garbage waste bins in our daily life, so we should pay attention to some matters when using them. As garbage waste bins are daily necessities, whether they are reasonably and correctly used will affect our body health and the quality of life. There are different types of garbage waste bins on the market, including stainless steel garbage waste bins, bamboo woven garbage waste bins, plastic garbage waste bins, etc. However, some plastic garbage waste bins are made of unknown materials. If not handled properly, they will produce harmful volatile substances or radioactive substances, which is harmful to our health. Therefore, we'd better choose bamboo woven or stainless steel rubbish bin, as they are easy to clean and pollution-free.

It is suggested that your household garbage should be cleaned every day. Special note is that the bathroom is wet and dark, where bacteria are easy to multiply. So you’d better choose a small trash can, and clean it everyday.

Maybe some people are used to putting a garbage bag inside the garbage can, which is not only convenient for throwing garbage, but also easy for cleaning the garbage can. Although this is convenient, it is not environmentally friendly. It is recommended that you use fewer garbage bags and clean the garbage can more often. When cleaning, you must use a brush to clean the gap, so as to keep the garbage can clean.

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