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Max Environmental Protection Went to Hong Kong To Participate in The International Environmental Protection Exposition and Come Back Successfully!

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International Environmental Protection Exposition is the leading environmental protection industry trade exhibition in Asia. It gathers the latest diversified green products, technologies, and services, brings together representatives of environmental protection industry, business and government from all over the world, and provides a basket of advanced environmental protection solutions. It is the most effective platform to open up green business opportunities in Asia. MAX environmental protection this time to better publicize and promote MAX quality environmental protection trash can.

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Over the years, the International Environmental Protection Exposition has been co-sponsored by the Environmental Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and supported by many provincial and municipal governments, consulates, chambers of commerce and trade associations in the Mainland of China. It has actively organized exhibition groups, procurement groups, and presenters. The exhibition has become an important bridge for enterprises to exchange information and business with local governments. It has a decisive influence.

The MAX Environmental Protection Group was invited to attend the International Environmental Protection Expo in Hong Kong. First, it is to understand the latest developments in the field of international environmental protection and the latest scientific research achievements and development trends of the industry. Second, it is to grasp the latest cutting-edge information so as to make a strategic grasp of the future development of environmental waste bin enterprises and better serve our customers. Household groups. In this international environmental protection exposition, MAX environmental protection also has close communication with domestic and foreign customers and colleagues, explores the future development direction of the industry, understands the deeper needs of the customer group, through communication, we collect a large number of customer feedback market information, so as to facilitate preparation. Grasp the changes of market and demand, and accumulate valuable experience for enterprises to better serve customers.


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