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MAX Environmentally Friendly Cares for Sanitation Workers

Since its establishment, Guangzhou MAX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has adhered to the concept of "love to beauty", actively responded to the call of municipal waste classification, and participated in the practice of social waste classification and environmental protection. On October 26, in order to celebrate the coming of "Sanitation Workers Day" in 2017, Shenzhen Care Office held a charity event "Care for Sanitation Workers, Care for Enterprises and Warmth". As an active practitioner of garbage classification, MAX participated in the warm condolences activities enthusiastically.


Leaders of District Sanitation Station, MAX Enterprise Representatives, and Sanitation Workers

As a silent contributor behind the clean city appearance, sanitation workers have made great efforts to devote their hard work and sweat to the front line, which has strongly supported the landing implementation of the municipal refuse classification policy. MAX participated in the Shenzhen garbage sorting activities, contacted the vast number of sanitation workers in-depth first-line, and sympathized with the efforts of the sanitation workers behind the garbage sorting. On the occasion of this "Sanitation Workers'Day", MAX company organized manpower to purchase a number of sanitation workers' daily necessities and expressed in-depth the front line enterprise's contribution to sanitation workers. My sympathy and concern to the lovely people who have been quietly paying tribute to garbage classification!

MAX and Shenzhen

MAX has provided garbage classification training support for Longhui Garden, Qianhai Garden, Lanshan, Haiyin Great Wall, Shenyun Village and other communities in Shenzhen, participated in the initiation ceremony of community garbage classification, promoted the process of community garbage classification, and actively participated in the practice of Shenzhen garbage classification.

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