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Max Service System Upgrading Conference

At 9:00 a.m. on June 1, 2019, in Max Exhibition Hall, the "Max Service System Promotion" conference, sponsored by the company, was officially launched under the chairmanship of Mr. He Jianhua, Director of Marketing Department.

Conference in progress

The theme of this "Max Service System Upgrading" conference is mainly SGPRS principle. During the conference, Mr. He Jianhua, Director of Marketing Department, shared all kinds of interesting cases through vivid explanations. Everyone in different departments and positions had different perceptions and benefited greatly from them.

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Make your whole year's plans in spring, and your day's plan early in the morning. Every encounter begins with a heartfelt smile and cordial greetings.

"No pains, no gains." The conference is drawing to a close. We hope that each Max partner can make better use of the experience and insights shared by other partners in life and work through the study of the conference.

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