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Recycled Plastic Lumber and Its Advantages
Due to deforestation there are changes in the environment, which need constant efforts to switch over to other products instead of using wood. Recycled plastic lumber (RPL) is a product resembling wood and is produced from recovered plastic generally mixed with some other materials. This is an environmental friendly synthetic wood and a cost-effective substitute for wood. It is available in different dimensional profiles and compositions for a wide variety of applications.
The different constituents are used to provide strength and durability to this product. Plastic Lumber is a good substitute for concrete and metals as well and being used in decking, landscaping, structural and recreational applications. These products are also being greatly accepted in industry, agriculture, transportation, marine, construction and many other fields.
The recycled plastic lumber is nonporous, nontoxic and a clean product free from any metallic inclusions. It has many advantages. The product is resistant to rot in wet environments. In addition it resists cracking, splintering and peeling. It is not attacked by insects, bacteria or barnacles. For this reason the material is widely used in building playground structures and even WASTE BIN,benches for parks and gardens. Moreover, graffiti will not stick to these products. The use of recycled plastic wood eliminates the need to use any toxic sealant to avoid moisture damage. It is durable material and requires least amount of maintenance.
Another advantage with recycled plastic wood is that it can be recycled like many plastics and need not be thrown. There are some companies, which can be contacted to recycle the old synthetic wood. It will be recycled properly to make fresh HDPE or other products.
Plastic lumber is mostly being used by municipalities and government organization. Homeowners still hesitate to look at it as a substitute for wood, as it is still in the process of evolving standards and systems of material testing. Though the initial cost of this artificial lumber is comparatively higher than that of natural wood, it will last longer and involve a lower maintenance. In the long run, it will be economical to use this substitute product instead of traditional natural lumber. Further, the continued research efforts and the increased demand will bring down its cost and make it more popular.

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