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When you walk into the office environment, the garbage can stands in a corner silently. Every day, the garbage generated by the office is undertaking the mission of environmental protection by the office trash receptacles.

Materials for office garbage and recycling cans

Trash cans are mainly made of plastic, metal or concrete. Plastic materials include resin and polyethylene. Metals include stainless steel, steel cans and aluminum cans. Generally speaking, the appearance of metal trash can is more simple and atmospheric, and it is easy to clean. The weight of plastic trash can is relatively light, and there are more styles, which need to be decided according to the overall style of the office.

Size of office waste recycling bins

For office trash cans and recycling cans, their size or capacity depends on how much they can hold when they are filled with maximum capacity. According to the size of the trash can, the trash can has no specified purpose. Determine your size according to the use you need. Office pedal bins used indoors are usually no more than 40 gallons, because office garbage types usually don't take up a lot of space. For beauty and concealment, space-saving trash bins are kept below 28 gallons, and most decorative bins are about 40 gallons or less in size. However, there are, of course, exceptions. Measure the capacity you need based on the number of people who use the trash can, the location of the trash can, and the number of people they may get.

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