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We need a playground trash can to match the four seasons of the park. Flowers blossom in spring, a cool breeze in summer is credible, leaves fall in autumn and snowflakes fly in winter. Outdoor trash receptacles parks can follow the changes of these four seasons together and make park trash bins a part of the park.

What is the appropriate distance of public garbage bins?

What is the appropriate distance between the garbage bins in the park and each one? General park trash bins are provided with one sanitation classified trash can for every 900 square meters, but the number of sanitation trash bins should be appropriately increased or decreased according to the size of the flow of people. and in some locations with leisure seats, pavilions, or amusement facilities for children, the number of garbage bins should be increased. According to the opening mode, the trash can has a fully open trash can, an uncapped trash can, a tread lid trash can, and an inductive trash can. 

The garden trash can is an environmentally friendly public garbage bin, with single and double bins. The specification of a single barrel is generally 40000780H, and the specification of a double-barrel is 800*400*950. Environmental protection trash cans can be divided into independent trash bins and classified trash bins. Processing materials can be divided into plastic trash bins, stainless steel trash bins, ceramic trash bins, wood trash bins, cement bins, and pulp bins.

Tips on choosing park trash bins

The park is a special public place, with many types of city parks, forest parks, theme parks, and so on. The environment is beautiful, and it is convenient for the public to visit the scenery, watch, rest, carry out scientific, cultural, and physical exercise and other activities. There are more perfect facilities and a good green environment. As an important place for people to rest every day, they often gather a lot of people on weekends and in the evening, with many types of personnel and long activity time, so in order to maintain a good park environment, environmental hygiene is particularly important. 

There are some things that should be paid attention to when setting up park trash bins from suitable garbage bin supplier. The park is dominated by the elderly and children, often the elderly bring children to the park to play, will bring some drinks and food, as well as all kinds of toys, then will produce a lot of garbage, most of which can be recycled, such as water guns, plastic bottles. Therefore, the park dustbin mainly uses classified trash bins, and the trash bins with obvious classification signs are the best choice for the park, such as dry bins, wet bins, and recyclable bins. In addition, the recyclable trash cans can be as large as possible or set up 2 to facilitate placement. Park trash bins are generally exclusively customized to match the park scenery.

Environmentally friendly park trash bins

The park uses environmentally friendly trash bins, which are more in line with the concept of environment-friendly. It is processed by composite boards made of eco-friendly material. Waste is recycled to reduce the environmental pressure brought to us by waste. Environmentally friendly trash cans have many advantages: 

  • Materials can be used to make trash cans of various colors and styles to add color to our lives. 

  • It has the function of anti-theft, which is the recycling of waste and has no value of the theft. 

  • Long service life, high-density composite board, resistance to Rain Water, strong corrosion-resistance, suitable for public places with high flow of people, such as parks, scenic spots, open-air squares, and so on. 

  • Environmental protection public garbage bins are made of materials with less pollution and high energy efficiency, mainly with few materials and excellent quality.

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