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Points for Attention in the Production of Stainless Steel Trash Can

The trash bin made of stainless steel all over the body is also fireproof, durable. Stainless steel trash can with so many advantages are becoming more and more popular in the market, but do you know some points for attention in the production of stainless steel trash cans?

1. Weld defects

The welding seam defects of the stainless steel trash can are more serious, and manual mechanical polishing is used to make up. The resulting polishing marks cause uneven surface and affect the appearance.

2. The surface is inconsistent

Only pickling and passivating the welds of stainless steel trash bin also cause uneven surface and affect appearance.

3. Scratches are difficult to remove

The overall pickling passivation can not remove the various scratches produced during the processing, and can not remove the carbon steel, splash and other impurities that adhere to the surface of the stainless steel plate due to scratches and welding spatter, resulting in the chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion to rust in the presence of corrosive media.

4. Uneven polishing passivation

The stainless steel dustbin is manually polished and then pickled and passivated. It is difficult to achieve a uniform treatment effect for a large area of the workpiece, and an ideal uniform surface cannot be obtained. And the cost of working hours and auxiliary materials are also higher.

The stainless steel trash cans produced by Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory are all manufactured through strict processing techniques. You can buy with confidence!

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