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240L Metal waste wheelie bins
Model No.:  MR-111
Model No.: MR-111
Material: steel with powder coated,thickness:1.0mm
Capacity: 120L/240L
Color:  Grey,green,yellow,blue, red
Dimensions:   (L)476X(W)554X(H)955MM
Applications: Hospital,Hotels,Corporations,Residential,Institutes,Railways,Airports,Industries,shopping malls,park&plazas etc

Unique Features:

1. Reinforced Bottom:The bottom of bin is made of galvanized cold-rolled steel plate,and is processed with one-step molding technology by cold stretch,so its strength and corrosion resistance is 3 times more than the ordinary flat bottom of bin.

2. The handle of cover: the cover of bin has a hand-held plastic handle

3. Reinforced edge: The edge of the month of bin has incurvate crimping which effectively promotes the firmness of the mouth of bin.

4. The reinforcing rib in the dual-layer mouth of bin.: A reinforcing rib is kept between the mouth and body of bin by welding so as to form a dual-layer mouth of bin,this promotes the strength of bin and especially the durability and safety for the bin in working with the garbage truck.

5. Decorative cover of axle : The decorative cover of axle in the bin not only has the aesthetic effect but stops the axle side-sliding.

6. Anti-side-slipping self-lubricating cover: Self-lubricationg sleeve makes the cover rotate freely without noise,stop device can prevent the cover side-sliding, Theft-proof design can enhance the security of the cover.

7. Anti-side-slipping 
self-lubricating axle of wheel: self-lubricating sleeve and stop cover not only reduce the friction of rotation of axle but stop the side-sliding for axle.

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