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Floor Standing Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser with Disposal Bin
Model No.:  MAX-SN404

This floor standing combination wipe dispenser and waste receptacle feature a top compartment for wipes and a side opening for conveniently discarding used wipes. The sleek design features a touch-less dispenser with a neat x-shaped opening that allows only one wipe to be dispensed with each pull. A unique double push-button mechanism keeps the cover secured to the body while wipes are pulled and dispensed one at a time. It’s easy to depress the two push buttons on either side of the top cover and to lift off the top when it’s time to refill with additional wipes. To empty the waste compartment, remove the cover and wipe roll tray then empty the trash bucket inside. Replace the inner bucket, wipe roll tray, and cover when done."

Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser
Keep Customers & Gym Patrons Safe With Sanitary Wipe Dispensers

By strategically placing the Disinfecting Wipe dispensers in the most convenient, easy to find, locations, they will be noticed and used more frequently. Employees and visitors value efforts to create a healthier environment with less risk of cross contamination.  

  Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser
Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser
Convenient Using
High-quality stainless steel wipes dispenser that will fit all sizes of wipe rolls. Includes built-in trash can compartment for space-saving convenience.


wipes dispenser

Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser
Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser

Product Features

* Heavy gauge rust-proof, corrosion and fire-resistant-construction
* Easy to clean
* Easy to load wipes & thread through specially designed “star” opening
* All connector hardware/brackets are included
* Double push button secures cover on the body when pulling wipes
* Constructed of 30% recycled content
Product Name
Floor Standing Wet Wipe Metal Dispenser with Disposal Bin
201stainless steel
Indoor or outdoor place


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