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Belt Stanchion

Max offers high-quality Belt stanchion at a very reasonable price. According to the survey, the most popular stanchion is the Belt stanchion. Belt stanchions are designed to be flexible and can handle many different types of people. Max can customize your brand logo or slogan in a variety of decorations and colors, and adjust to fit almost any size of the area.

In addition, concrete stanchion base are durable, can withstand high flow walking, have fixed different models or stand options, and have replaceable components that save your business money. The Belt stanchions use an internal spring mechanism to release and retrieve the nylon belt, which is stored in a small tank attached stanchion. Belt Stanchions are retractable, it is easy to use.

We have sufficient supplies to meet your needs and we also provide customized services. If you are interested in Max Belt stanchions, please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Custom stanchion belts for sale

Custom stanchion belts

In order to be unique and meet some special requirements , our clients often ask us for some personalized customization. Surely we offer customized service for the colors and length of the retractable belts. Usually there are a variety of regular colors for options, such as red, blue, black, green, yellow, orange.... red-white, yellow-black.etc. We can provide the longest belts of 5 meters, and the customer can also tell us the length they need for customization. To show the corporate image and other personality needs, customized logo and text printed on belts are avaialble, just share what you need and we'll make that for you!

Advantages of retractable belt stanchion

Four-way connection stanchion belts and posts provide convenience for our life, you can see these kind products at any piblic ares such as station, airport, bank, shopping mall and some other places when people need to wait in line to check in. Retractable belt stanchion are often used for order maintenance and crowd control and actually it works perfectly in daily life. It tells people where to go and which places are not authorized to pass, to keep people in line and matain the order.

Different from some other barriers, retractable belt stanchion with portability and flexibility.  Portable style makes it can be easily for moving, which can be applied to almost any place where there is a need. Belt cassette with four-way connection design to change the direction of the connection for different needs.

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