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Powder Coated Dustbin

Max offers powder coated trash dustbin in many types and styles. From the shape of the trash can, powder coated dustbin is divided into a single round and some combined rectangular type etc.. This design provides convenience for consumers with different needs, and consumers can choose according to their own needs. Meanwhile, for the consideration of environmental protection, Max strengthens the multi-bin design. Garbage classification is advocated all over the world. Therefore, Max also actively designs products related to environmental protection.

Metal Dustbins For Sale

Types of dustbins

Max can baking the color of Powder coated dustbin according to the needs of consumers and the difference of the environment in which the Powder coated dustbin is placed. We choose to use environmental-friendly powder to finish our baking. In this way, not only the environmental protection is realized, but also the powder coated trash dustbin can be a beautiful scenery instead of a dirty trash can .

The high quality Max Powder coated dustbin is perfect size applicable to schools, parks, commercial buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, etc..

If you are interested in Max Powder dustbin, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We have sufficient supplies to meet your needs!

Advantages of powder coated dustbins

Powder coating is a new method (process) to change products' color in product manufacturing, which applicated to the dustbins provides a variety of colors for option, clients can choose most of the color they want to show on the products. It can withstand high temperature to 300℃ in a short time, and can be used continuously between 240℃ and 260℃ in general. It has significant thermal stability. It can work at freezing temperature without embrittlement and does not melt at high temperature. Besides,  dustbins with powder coated at surface will be with better corrosion resistance to protect the dustbin from rusting and extending products' service life effectively.

Flexible color selection can adapt to different scenes and decoration styles, and can also distinguish different locations according to different colors. The trash can made of this material is not only beautiful, but also practical, and resistance to high and low temperatures allows it to be used in different workplaces without considering restrictions.

Technology in powder coated garbage waste bin

The traditional color coated plate coating process is to apply the solvent-based paint to the surface of high-speed continuous strip by roll coating, but the organic solvent released by the paint in the subsequent drying and curing process will cause environmental protection and emission problems, while the powder coating, its solid content is close to 100%, and there is no emission problem after curing. Therefore, "paint to powder" is an important way to realize emission reduction in the production of color coated board.

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