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Stainless Steel Indoor Recycle Bin

Max offers high quality Stainless steel indoor recycle bin at a very reasonable price. Our Stainless steel indoor recycle bin are divided into open top type/foot pedal type/Side for mouth Type/Swing Mouth Type so on.

These types are application for large shopping mall and commercial center. The foot pedal type is more suitable for office use. Classification by specification, we have two compartments, three compartments and four compartments of recycling bins. Max Stainless steel indoor recycle bins are more suitable for Airport/School/Shopping Mall/Metro/Office/Hotel/Hospital or commercial area. Garbage classification will be more detailed, it is more conducive to environmental protection and recycling of recyclable resources.

This modern indoor recycle bin is a very stylish design that combines functionality and flexibility.It is designed as a terminal, conference center, shopping center and other indoor environments that require garbage collection. The Max Stainless steel indoor recycle bin will be perfect for any space that needs a high-end, elegant waste and recycling container.

We have sufficient supplies to meet your needs and we also Provide customized services. If you are interested in Max Stainless steel indoor recycle bin, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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